Knitting Colorwork Inspiration

We're constantly designing new knit patterns here at Fiber to the People and wanted to share our latest knitting colorwork inspiration with you. This May we'll be releasing a worsted wool yarn that does really well with Fair Isle knitting and has a stunning range of color options (hint, hint). Here are 5 different colorwork ideas we've been playing with for the release. 

1. Modern classic with Fair Isle.

We have to give it to the Scandinavian knitters, they have a timeless look when it comes to knitwear. Fair Isle is an iconic classic for a reason, it truly never gets old. We're digging these modern takes of this classic, by really pushing the geometric design of the colorwork. 

Source: Hey Natalie Jean

2. Add some felt.

We stumbled across this unique option a few years ago and couldn't get it out of our minds. How beautiful is this felt transition from one color to the next? This is a perfect project for the fiber enthusiast who can't keep their hands off multiple crafts. 

Credit: Phillip Lim

3. Let's go 50/50.

When it comes to knit design, we are all about simplicity. Not only does it make a knitting pattern more accessible to new knitters, it also tends to create a striking visual effect. We love this two toned sweater split down the middle, it create a clean but bold look. 

Credit: Oracle Fox

 4. If you have something to say, knit it!

All of the graphic elements in fashion has us really excited about adding more words to our knitting vocabulary. From yarn puns, to personal quotes, to political statements, there's so much to be said for this idea. 

Credit: Knit Grandeur 

5. Clean up your yarn stash. 

Mixing yarns is a fun and easy way to create intricate texture to a simple piece. Not only is it beautiful, but it's a great way to clean out your yarn stash! A yarn stash cleaner-upper pattern is definitely in Fiber to the People's future - stay tuned! 

Source: Free people

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