Fiber to the People is now Like it's Sunday

Happy New Year friends! As you may or may not have noticed, I changed the name of this company from Fiber to the People to Like it's Sunday. Like so many of my creative ventures, I set the goal to a date and then had to rush to the finish line. So not everything is perfect but I guess that's a part of the process right? Here's a little rant about the name change and dealing with a creative business as a side hustle. 

First things first, about the name: Sundays are my favorite day of the week. While I try to deem it "work-free" that ends up making it the most productive day. Why? Because when I give myself space without being too "type A" I end up making my most beautiful things. So the concept is to live every day like it's Sunday, or give my creative work a Sunday-like mindset. With the name change I realized I no longer had to be limited to fiber. Knitting patterns are my side hustle on top of creative marketing work and I want to share more of that process on the blog moving forward. 

To be 100% honest I was really upset when I had to change the name yesterday, because I wanted a shiny new website that was perfect. BUT this year I launched the company, designed and released 13 knitting patterns, was working 60 hour work weeks, got engaged, planned for a wedding, got married, had a honeymoon, and got a puppy - just to name a few activities...whew! So it's kind of ridiculous to want it to be perfect, but I get really down when I can't dedicate the energy to making this space as good as I know it can be. Who can relate? 

So this year, I'm going to try to make peace with perfectionism for Like it's Sunday and turn that into more caring time and energy. I'll continue to give it love with knitting patterns and beginning blogging more frequently. Most importantly, I'm going to focus on appreciating the creative process for what it is: a bumpy, confusing, but fun ride. 


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