Bright-hued Fiber Installation Artists

Spring’s here. Ritually, I can’t help but start gravitating towards brighter colors and stronger patterns. So, here’s a list of fiber installation artists who don’t shy away from the bright hues.


Sheila Hicks.

No fiber artist list is complete without Sheila Hicks. Recently at the yarn company I work at we’ve been playing with her classic style of wrapping yarn to create tassels. I now understand her appeal for this technique, there’s something cool about making ultra-soft, but thick rope out of yarn (it’s also a great way to taper the yarn stash).



Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Who knew neon could look so natural? Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates these fabric balls and just builds them up for stunning wall installations. The color, the organic shapes, and texture just make me want to go up and get my hands on these pieces.


Gabriel Dawe

I don’t know how this guy even had the time to figure out how cool this concept was, but Gabriel Dawe has an extensive series called “plexus.” Just like the image here he uses thousands of pieces of thread to create these color illusions. These are all site-specific installations, and extremely impressive.



Do-Ho Suh

This fella has a strong focus on creating dreamy interiors with textiles. He typically uses this light polyester fabric in site-specific installations.



Lisa Kellner

Last but not least, Lisa Kellner creates these whimsical fiber installations with silk as her primary medium.


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