A Punch of Embroidery from Liz Payne

I’m a huge Liz Payne fan, when I discovered her work I showed it to everyone that I knew for weeks. This Australian’s art takes the calm and predictable out of the traditional craft of embroidery. Her pieces are so loud and cheery, they give a little punch of happiness to my day when they come along my Instagram feed. Needless to say, I feel very honored that she answered some questions for me and hope that you enjoy getting an inside look into her world too!

Liz Payne EmbrioderyWhat’s your story to embroidery?

I was always creative growing up and I think I was doing ‘embroidery’ long before I knew what it was really! After several years of working as a Graphic Designer after Uni, I really missed the aspect of getting my hands dirty and creating with my hands, as opposed to working on a computer. I began experimenting by painting onto fabric then incorporating thread, wool and beads into my work to add texture, colour and dimension. I see using these materials as just another medium as opposed to paint or making marks with pencil.

Why embroidery? What keeps you energized to do the work that you do?

I think embroidery can have a stigma to it that it’s old fashioned or grandmotherly so I like to try to break this misconception by hopefully bridging that gap between what is considered art and craft. I’m also fascinated by the physical process of embroidery and the juxtaposition of my work being bold and confident, even appearing spontaneous. The process of hand embroidery is extremely time consuming, sometimes it painstakingly takes months to complete a work.

Who and/or what inspires you most?

It’s sounds a little clichéd but I’m so inspired by colour and pattern – and I use a LOT of it in my work. Colour, shape and pattern can have such an amazing effect on your mood and I love creating work that plays on the aesthetic. I gain a lot of inspiration from looking at art & textiles from around the world, everything from Aboriginal Art and Ken Done here at home, to the amazing ancient textiles and beaded artifacts from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Africa and Uzbekistan.

What environment do you like to create in?

I work from my studio at home – it’s small but it’s got everything I need, and there are piles of wool and thread everywhere. Because it’s small, my work also does tend to spill out to being all over the
house and beads are everywhere, I seriously don’t know where they keep coming from!

What are you working on now?

I’ve always got a few on the go at the same time, and at different stages. At the moment one piece I’m working on incorporates a lot of fringing and I’m loving the results so far – I can’t wait to finish that one! It’s already inspired me for other future pieces. Another piece I’ve just recently finished uses a lot of sequins – it’s very sparkly!

What are you going to do next/what do you want to do?

I have a few exhibitions coming up later in the year so I’m busy preparing works for those. I have also experimented with making some necklaces that are embroidered and beaded and I’m hoping to release more of those soon.

Where should people stay in touch?

www.lizlpayne.com or on instagram

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